VALID Vaccine Ambassador

Most Victorians are now vaccinated against COVID-19, but many people with intellectual disabilities are still unvaccinated. The Victorian Government has funded VALID as a Vaccine Ambassador to assist people with intellectual disabilities to access whatever support they need to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Supports people have used so far include in-home vaccination, sedation, using a VR headset during the injection, skipping the queues at vaccination centres, going to a low-sensory clinic, free transport, in-hospital vaccination and more.

Since the program started in mid-October, we have heard from a lot of service providers with questions about vaccinations including:

  • What do we do if someone refuses to get vaccinated but we’re not sure if they really understand the decision?
  • How should we respond when families refuse consent for their family member to get vaccinated?
  • How can we make sure that we’ve followed the law and NDIS guidance when it comes to decisions about vaccination?
  • What is our liability as a provider if we allow unvaccinated people to use our community-based programs?
  • Are we allowed to exclude unvaccinated people from our services?

VALID vaccinated

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